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    Shipping & Returns

    Keep in mind that if you want someone to apply to your collection boxes, they will need your personality or identity to be your last name.

    It is time to send it, after your package has been abandoned. We can not guarantee the warranty period; These guidelines are for reference only.

    Access to the e-mail gives you the order of seasonalsaladbar.sg. After your package is sent to the address of your transfer, the following letter will inform you.

    Send us your complete email address and phone number, as this can be done immediately.

    Return and return
    If clients return, because they decide they do not need it, they must return within 28 days after receipt. Unauthorized goods must not be returned to the United States within 28 days after arrival. The reimbursed amount should be used as a procurement network, and should be used as a pillar of illegal use and use. A copy of the return is "Return Indicators" that your part must be returned.

    If you think there are problems with your purchases online, you can return them to consult us. If we think there is a manufacturing problem, we will change our decision (if possible) or it will be refunded. They must be within 7 days of receiving the packaging and acquiring the website as evidence of the acquisition

    The products must be completed and partially returned (depending on your website depends on your return). If you buy multiple parts as a single offer or a special package, and make a decision that does not fit one or more ingredients, you must repackage all items as part of a package or offer.

    You may need a seasonalsaladbar.sg to buy stores and stores that are happy to inspect the site and replace the wedding store. It must be inspected later or returned to the center of the central office. Subscriber service is up to you to inform you of your order with the next step.

    For health reasons, we can not accept cars, clothing, glass, bottles or protective clothing. If damage or defects occur within 7 days, you have the right to return these items.

    Allow us to collect your account from the collection or within 28 days after the expiration date. We will pay your payment.

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